May is official Tag a Pet Month!

FREE Pet Medical Alert ID Tags and National Pet Health Registry

10 Medical Tags to choose from including Diabetes, Deaf, Blind, Seizures, Thyroid, Allergies, Needs Meds, Special Needs, Healthy Pet and I am a Survivor
  • INSTANT medical information about your pet when time matters

  • No Annual or Monthly charges – just a one time $5.00 shipping, handling and processing fee
  • 24/7 access to our National Registry
  • The ALERT STORE for pet travel, evacuation, pet safety and disaster preparedness products

–but you do not have to wait until May to give your pet the added protection of a Pet ID Tag.

Order your Tag immediately by going to, choose the Pet ID Tag that is suitable for your pet and then go to The Alert Store to place your order

 At any given time, a natural disaster can strike, a door can be left open, or a pet can wander from unfamiliar surroundings while traveling…..becoming lost, scared and alone in an instant

 Only 5% of pets in the United States have a microchip compared to 25% of European pets. What happens during a hurricane, flood, wildfire, tornado, mudslide and other disasters when a person finds a pet and there is no way to get them to a facility so they can be scanned, and even then they may not have a microchip.

Order your Tag today!

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Why Tag a Pet Month?

Tag a Pet Month will be celebrated in May of each year.  It is a constant reminder to protect your dog and cat, even if they have a micro-chip. It is that extra protection that will perhaps save their lives.

A  National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy survey found that a family pet is lost every two seconds, resulting in more than 10 million pets going missing each year. One out of every three pets is lost during its lifetime, and only one in 10 lost pets is found.  

Less than five percent of the approximately 145 million pets in the United States benefit from the lifesaving technology of micro-chipping decided to sponsor Tag a Pet Month to remind us that all our family members require protection!

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What is

The Tag is different from other pet identification methods because it gives an INSTANT medical alert to anyone finding your pet. Then,’s National Pet Health Registry makes available further important information, care for instructions and emergency contact information that you provide about your pet. Plus, you will have the security of password protected access to’s National Pet Health Registry to upload your pet’s photo and update your pet’s data and as often as needed

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Why should the Press and Media write and talk about Tag a Pet Month?

For 2010 over $47.7 billion was spent on pets in the United States

Over 62% of United States households own a pet which equates to over 71 million homes. (National Pet Owners Survey) With over 45.6 million dogs and 38.2 million cats in the United States this is a Pet Friendly country. 

People are interested in the latest information for the family Best Friend and Pet Protect, Inc, the owner of The Tag a Pet Month Blog can provide it to you.

Please contact us at for a Pet Friendly chat!

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